Public Spectacle – an LA Weekly Arts and Culture Blog (2/12)

"Music education is undergoing a major revolution -- perhaps its most important in generations, as chronicled in the new book Changing Lives."

Jason Issokson

Library Journal (9/2011)

"This passionate and inspiring story should be read by all those interested in music education, community building, and advocacy for the disadvantaged. An essential purchase."

Larry Lipkis, starred review

Star-Ledger / (1/12)

"The inspiring story of El Sistema…Tunstall’s insightful accounts amply validate the system’s renown."

Susan Saltus

Classical Music (6/12)

"...what makes Changing Lives... work extremely well is a combination of plentiful engaging interview material and an evocative sense of place/event as Tunstall travels from scenes of deprivation in Venezuela to gleaming international concert halls to schools in the USA now lapping up El Sistema. Tunstall has a keen eye for descriptive detail."


The Economist (1/12) "The Music Man"

"Tricia Tunstall’s new book is the first to document the process that Mr Dudamel describes airily as ‘creating miracles.’"

Symphony Magazine (1/12) "Chronicling El Sistema"

"The lessons learned from El Sistema are more than musical. They could have far-reaching effects on how societies in the 21st century turn situations of dead ends and despair into ones of hope and promise."

Jamie Allen

Baltimore Magazine (1/12)

"It's hard not to get caught up in Tunstall's enthusiasm and believe that, as crazy as it sounds, classical music just might save the world."

John Lewis

Hedahl Book Look "Literary Reviews in Brief" (4/12)

"An engaging work about a unique system of musical instruction…Tunstall demonstrates that El Sistema is not for musical aesthetes and hoarders, but for those committed to enjoying it communally!"

Dr. Susan Hedahl

Marin Independent Journal (4/12)

"A book that I think every educational and community leader in Marin should read."

Mark Phillips

LA Times (2/12) "Tricia Tunstall on ‘Changing Lives’ and a Transformative Sistema"

"Changing Lives is the first work to pull the entire tale together in one volume."

Reed Johnson

BBC Music Magazine (7/12)

"...she presents an impassioned case for music as a means of effecting social change..."

Nick Shave

Kirkus Reviews (1/12)

"Tunstall soundly probes how it is that classical music has played such a powerful role in the protection, education and elevation of so many children born into poverty. The author does a noble job tracing the history of El Sistema, while managing to keep the narrative as much in the immediate present as possible."

Arts Forward (2/12)

"It wasn’t until I read Tunstall’s thoughtful and thorough telling of the El Sistema story through her eyes as an American music educator that I felt a stirring of hope that there are lessons that can be applied to our wealthy (yet very poor) country…I urge you to read it, to share it with influential people who can make new, experimental programs happen in your community, and to reach out to the “El Sistema” network that is growing in the USA."

Melissa Dibble